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Why St. Ange

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

For decades, Mizoram had produced numerous A-list artists of its own rights. However, since the landmark and economy restricts artists from achieving desirable platforms, these artists remain unseen and unheard.

Knowing with full spectrum, the potential of Mizo artists, St. Ange decided to open up opportunities with a passion towards gifting the world with the sound of pure Mizo melody and talent.

Hoping to create a milestone for the music industry of Mizoram, St. Ange started collaborating with up and coming artists, showcasing their talent and broadening their horizons in global context. This is just a scratch of the surface and owing to the diligent influence of technology, St. Ange hopes to shatter the world with the beautiful and charming tunes of Mizoram through its artists.

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